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5 Great Tips to Have A Curvy Shape with a Flat Tummy


Having a curvy shape with a flat tummy is every ladies’ dream.

Imagine this; you saw that sexy gown at the boutique, and you are like, ‘wow, this is just the perfect wear for that get together/dinner party!’ 

You have it all planned in your head, down to the accessories and make up to go with the dress. 

But then, you look at yourself in the mirror, and you are not quite sure your figure can pull it off at this moment, what with all that tummy folds and excess fat. 

Then, you start thinking of how to get a curvy shape with a flat tummy within the shortest possible time, you just need to wow them at that party!

Well, it might make you feel better to know that a lot of ladies are facing the same challenge.

Most of us want to know how to have a flat tummy and the right curves to go with it, after all, the new sexy is being curvaceous with flat tummy.

Who doesn’t want that famous Kim Kardashian sexy figure or Beyoncé’ sensual physique? No matter what they put on, they always appear attractive and sexy, and I bet you want in.

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Some ladies go under the knife to achieve this sexy, curvy look. But what if you can acquire that slim waist with the curvy hips, slightly lifted butt with the perfect boobs without going for any surgery, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Let us look at some tips on how to have a curvy waistline and flat tummy fast

 There are a number of options open for you to get a curvy tummy and hips with small waist. However, they are not magic, you must work at it consistently over time to achieve your desired result.


1. You Are What You Eat

What we consume, when and how we consume them play an important role, not just in our health but in our appearance and body structure.

Swap junks processed foods for natural, healthy meals. You see those processed foods and drinks like bacon, frozen dinners, carbonated drinks, and the likes?

Flee from them if you want to have that hourglass figure. Processed foods are laden with salt, sugar, unhealthy fat and of course, preservatives, all of which contribute to excess body fat.

To lose that excess fat and gain the right shape, eat wholesome foods – whole grains, protein-rich foods, legumes, veggies and such


2. Avoid Fried Foods

The way you prepare your meals matter. When you are looking to achieve a curvy shape and flat tummy, eat less of fried foods. Bake or cook rather than fry. Frying adds that unhealthy fat to an otherwise healthy food


3. Avoid Late Night Food

When you eat what you eat is important . Avoid late night food and in-between meals.

You should be done with dinner by 6 or latest 7pm, the earlier, the better. This allows the food to properly digest before you sleep, unlike when you eat a few minutes to bedtime.

Eating and chewing on biscuits, fries, ice cream, etc after having your breakfast, lunch or dinner is another way to invite unwanted fat to your body. If you must munch something, munch on fruits. 

Additionally, cut down on your daily calorie intake if you truly desire to have that flat tummy and curves.


4. Incorporate the Right Exercise

There are various types of exercises that you can partake in to help you have a curvy waistline and flat tummy. However, this depends a lot on your natural shape and your current figure.

Obviously, if you are on the slim side currently, your exercise regime will differ slightly from that of someone that is already thick.

With that out of the way, let us look at the various exercises that can help you get that coveted sexy body that you desire.

  • Squats for curvy hips – A set of squats daily is a great way to tone and strengthen your hips as well as your thighs and gluten.

    credit: prevention.com

Before you start to bend your lower body from the knee, make sure you’re standing straight with your feet wide apart.

Make squatting a part of your daily routine and see the amazing results within weeks.


  • Lunges tone the hips and lifts the butts –To tone and build the muscles of the thighs and butts, you need to
    Image Credit: dreamstime.com

    consistently practice the lunges exercise. Its benefits will extend to your tummy and core, making it a very important exercise for those looking for how to have a curvy waistline with flat tummy.

You can lift a dumbbell while at your lunges exercise for a better result. Fire hydrant exercise also helps to tone the hips and strengthen the core.

  • Plank for strengthening the core – Plank exercise, like lunges and other stability exercises has the power to stimulate your core. When your core is activated, it translates into positive outcome for your waistline which in turn helps with achieving the curvaceous body. It also helps with attaining good posture as it works on the arms and lower back muscles. 


  • Push-ups for shoulder and bust toning – Ordinary push-ups as well as wall push-ups are great ways to firm up the shoulders and bust without looking too broad or bulky. (graphics). You want sexy, not macho.


  • Yoga exercises are awesome in the quest for curvy shape and flat tummy– There are various types of yoga exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily exercise routine that will solve the problem of how to get a curvy stomach fast.


5. Wear the Right Clothes

Yes, wearing the right clothes is another means to achieve curvy shape and flat tummy, at least, they can create the illusion of a sexy hourglass figure.

For instance, dresses with tiny waist and flare, coats and gowns cinched with belts, clothes with vertical lines, especially when accentuated with belts and of course high waist, slim cut trousers, all help to create the impression of curvy shape.

Furthermore, we cannot neglect the importance of waist trainers and shape wears in creating curvy shape. They are effective in creating the illusion of hourglass figure.



We have looked at a number of routes you can take to have a curvy shape with flat tummy. All that remains is for you to practice what we have preached. It is not difficult, just take it one step at a time, and never forget the goal.

 I urge you to change that grocery list, start your exercise and see how the changes will occur with time. 

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