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8 Unique Tattoo Ideas for Women with their Meanings


Are you looking for tattoo ideas for women with meaning?

I bet you do not want to adorn your beautiful skin with just any design. So, here, we have provided 8 unique tattoo ideas with meaning that every female will find beautiful and significant. 

You need to carry out some research before you decide on the most meaningful tattoo for you, and that is why we compiled this list to make it easier for you.

You wouldn’t want to get just any tattoo and find out later that it means something you would rather not have on your body.

Considering that your tattoo is something you will live with for the rest of your life or at least for a long time, you need to make a smart, meaningful choice. Let us look at some meaningful and unique tattoo ideas for women. 


8 Tattoo Ideas for Women with Meaning


1. Heart Tattoos 

Credit: Online Tattoos Idea

When it comes to meaningful tattoos for women, the heart tattoo is a common one and for good reasons too. I mean, life and love go hand in hand. You may have found love, got heartbroken, lost a loved one or pass through some other love-related emotions and situations. You can therefore have a love tattoo to remind you of these situations or persons.


Love tattoo design can be simple or intricate, colorful or just one color depending on your desire and taste. 


2. Watercolor Tattoos

Credit: Instagram

This new watercolor tattoo trend is gaining ground speedily, thanks to its creativity in colors, designs, beauty and unique eerie styles. The finished design looks like painted masterpiece on the skin, quite ethereal. 

Watercolor tattoos can come in various designs such as flowers, scenes and animals. This makes it easy for you to have either small meaningful tattoos for females or larger ones. You can select any meaningful and personalized design with the confidence that whatever you choose will turn out in vibrant col or and design.


3. Dream Catcher Tattoos

Credit: Stylesatlife

The dream catcher is said to have originated from the Native Americans of Anishinabe. The major significance of dream catcher tattoo originated from the belief of the Native Americans that dream catcher has some mystical powers. These mystical powers included protection from everything evil. Therefore, based on its origin, the dream catcher tattoo is a good choice if you are looking for tattoo ideas with meaning. 


For one, dream catcher tattoo signifies safety and protection. Those that have dream catcher tattoo mostly believe that it will keep them safe and protected from all evil including bad dreams, evil spirits and so on.


From the origin of the dream catcher story of the Native Americans, you can see that dream catcher tattoo hold great significance for the people. It represents a part of their culture and heritage and that makes it significant too. Some people have the dream catcher tattooed on their body because they love and respect Native America or the animals and symbols associated with the people and the story.


There is also the group that use dream catcher tattoos just for aesthetic reasons because they give off stunning colors and designs.


4. Flower Tattoos


Instagram: @ilwolhongdam

The meanings behind flower tattoos are as varied as the different flowers in nature. Women love flowers, so that might explain why flower tattoos are popular among women. And of course, flowers are beautiful and feminine, right? With flower tattoos, you can choose small meaningful tattoos for females or big ones of whatever flower you find meaningful and beautiful. Moreover, different flowers have different meanings and that creates unique variety.

Credit: glamour.com

Rose flower tattoo: Yea, many women will identify with rose in different colors. Rose signifies love, hope, a new beginning and of course beauty and so also does the rose tattoo. 

Lily flower tattoo: When you think about purity, wealth, and perfection, you think of lily flower. Lily tattoo can have these meanings and more, especially when combined with other tattoo designs.

Other flowers have significant meanings in different cultures, for instance, orchid symbolizes fertility in China, heroism in Japan. 


5. Bird Tattoo

Credit: piercingmodels.com

Another set of tattoo ideas for women with meaning is the bird tattoo. There are various birds one could choose from, but generally, birds depict freedom, strength, peace, nobility and so on. Some specific meanings are attached to certain birds. For instance, the owl is a symbol of strength, wisdom and protection while the dove signifies peace. 

You can have the tattoo of one bird or as some people do, three or more, depending on the size.


6. Star Tattoo

Credit: Tattoofilter.com

Beautiful, sexy and meaningful, star tattoos are also small meaningful tattoos for females though they can come in bigger designs. 

Star tattoos can hold different meanings for different persons. For some, it signifies an achievement, goal attainment, transformation and the likes. In such cases, one may decide to add one star following each milestone or achievement. For others, the bird tattoo has religious or professional connotations. So you have one or two reasons to choose star tattoo.


7. Sword Tattoo

Credit: @mr.k_tattoo

Naturally, swords as we know are stock-in-trade of warriors, ninjas and knights. The meanings of sword tattoo vary from depiction of courage strength, power to freedom, nobility and even danger.

Credit: Studiobysol

Sword tattoo can be accompanied by other designs to either make them more attractive or add a different meaning. For instance, the sword piercing the heart tattoo signifies heartbreak. Flowers around the sword add to its beauty.


8. Lettering Tattoos



Yes, tattoos are not restricted to images; we can have letters as tattoos. Tattoo ideas for women with meaning cannot be complete without lettering tattoos because they could be a means for you to say something unique or meaningful to you. It could be of famous quotes, bible or other religious sayings or names of loved ones or stars you adore.

Lettering tattoos can come in various beautiful designs and fonts and can be adorned with other images.



There are a thousand and one meaningful, unique tattoo ideas for women you can select from. Whatever your final decision, make sure you align with the meaning of the tattoo before you get it on your body so that you do not regret later. Now, go ahead and choose one design that resonates with you from our list and run with it. 

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