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How to Treat Infections Permanently with Ginger-Garlic Mixture


Infection as a disease causes discomfort to humans and with this, there has been lots of researches on how to get a permanent cure for it. The use of ginger and garlic in treating infection is considered a safe and highly recommended method.

Do you have stubborn infections that wouldn’t heal despite several medications? Well, this might be the end of it.

Alternative therapies are very helpful in the treatment of infection because most applicable plants contains natural ingredients which detoxifies the body system and enhances libido.

This article focuses infections, how it can be treated, as well as the various ingredients and methods that can be used for its treatment.


Infection is the invasion of several microorganisms like viruses, parasites, and bacteria that are not usually seen in the body system. An infection can possibly be present without symptoms, while it is also clinically present, or can have symptoms and be visibly present in the body.

Typically, infection goes through five stages before it begins to manifest. These five stages include; the infectious agent, reservoir, point of exit, method of transmission, and the target environment.

However, you can possibly stop germs from spreading, by disrupting these stages.


Infectious diseases can be caused by:

Bacteria –  These one-cell organisms are responsible for illnesses such as strep throat, urinary tract infections and tuberculosis.
Viruses – Even smaller than bacteria, viruses cause a multitude of diseases ranging from the common cold to AIDS.
Fungi – Many skin diseases, such as ringworm and athlete’s foot, are caused by fungi. Other types of fungi can infect your lungs or nervous system.
Parasites – Malaria is caused by a tiny parasite that is transmitted by a mosquito bite. Other parasites may be transmitted to humans from animal feces.

Treatment for Infections

Ginger and Garlic Mixture infections for treatment 

This combo is useful in treating easy infections. Secondly, it helps regulate and boosts ovulation for women. It also enhances your libido and cravings.

No that you know the amazing things ginger and garlic mixture can do to the body system,let me educate you on how to prepare it.


  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a special ingredient that is usually consumed by the Asians and a  a typical spice in curry. Turmeric has a warm and bitter taste, and is used to color butters, mustards and cheeses. Also, this special spice is generally used to make medicine, especially to cure several infections. Turmeric contains a yellowish chemical known as curcumin, which is used to color cosmetics and food.

  • Garlic

Garlic is mostly used for issues related to blood system and the heart. These conditions can have high levels of cholesterol, lipids in the blood, or even high blood pressure. As a spice, it adds flavor to foods and beverages. Garlic also contains about 33 sulfur compounds e.g: aliin, allicin, ajoene, allylpropl, diallyl, trisulfide, sallylcysteine, vinyldithiines, S-allylmercaptocystein, etc.

  • Ginger

By description, Ginger is a herbal plant with yellow-colored green flowers and leafy stems. It is commonly grown in Asia and the Middle East. It is medicinal and can be used as food spice

Ginger is usually used to treat different types of stomach diseases like diarrhea, nausea, colic, vomiting, etc. One of the compounds contained in Ginger is used as an ingredient in antacid medications.

  • Cloves

Clove helps in the treatment of toothache, and other dental problems. It contains the chemical known as eugenol that helps to combat infections and reduce pains. Additionally, clove contains a considerate amount of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin E. It also provides vitamin C, vitamin K, and low in calories.

How to prepare Ginger-Garlic Mixture for Treating Infections

Wash, then peel the back of your turmeric, ginger, and garlic and slice into pieces. After that, empty the ingredients in a bottle and soak with water for 1-2 weeks. Viola, your Mixture is ready to use.


– Take 2-3 shots, first thing in the morning before breakfast and last thing at night before going to bed.

– The Ginger-Garlic mixture can be taken by adults and children above 16 years of age.

– Not recommended for children under the age of  16 unless diluted with water.

– It is safe to be taken by singles

– Couples who wish to boost their sexlife or libido can also take the mixture.


If you pay attention to this article, you will understand how amazing ginger-garlic mixture can effectively treat infections. Not that alone, it is best in the boosting of libido and detoxification.  I advise that you carefully follow this guide in order to get the best result.


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