Bitter Melon Therapy for the Treatment of STIs and STDs

It is widely believed that medicinal plants are used to treat different kinds of diseases and infections. Are you suffering from severe sexually transmitted infections? This might be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this article, we will be looking at the Bitter Melon. This type of medicinal plant is believed to be effective […]

2021 Undiluted VitaPost Collagen Complex Review and Coupon Code

Men and women from all walks of life always love to look good and feel comfortable in their skin. But when mid and old age approaches, we all struggle to find the perfect product that will make us look much younger and more active than our age.  For many years, VitaPost Collagen Complex has proven […]

The Perfect Skin Care Routine for 30 and Above

Beautiful Girl After Bath Touching Her Face. Skincare

Are you still doing the same skincare routine you did in your 20s? Well, you need to reexamine. This article sheds light on the perfect skincare routine for 30years old and above You need to understand that turning 30 comes with a lot of modifications including skin changes, and your skin needs would definitely change. […]

10 High Tech Beauty Gadgets Every Lady Should Own

It is a fact that we at Berry Tips are beauty obsessed. From makeup to skincare, to home remedies, we derive pleasure in it. And when it comes to high beauty tech gadgets we are all for it. This article is for you if you are searching for high beauty tech gadgets and if feel […]

How to Tackle Hypothyroidism Using Home Remedies


Making changes in your diet at all times is one of the smart ways tackle diseases especially hypothyroidism. Many people with this deficiency experience gradual brain fog, and fatigue which further prevents them from having energy derived from caffeine and sugar. Do you have symptoms of hypothyroidism despite attempts in maintaining a balanced diet? This […]

Natural Products vs Synthetic Products

  Are you confused about natural and synthetic products? Not to worry I have it all covered up for you in detail with extensive research, and general health background before letting you decide. It seems we’re all aiming to be more aware of what we buy and make mindful choices around what we’re clasping on […]

Best 5 Natural Eyeliners For Women Over 50 years (Aging Eyes)

This is exclusive for all beautiful women around the worlds especially if you are 50years and above! In the realm of makeup, eyeliner is crucial. You possibly reach out for an eyeliner quite frequently.  Be it for a smokey eye, tight lining, or the ever-popular winged liner, you will have an appetite for an eyeliner.  […]

9 Powerful Home Remedies for Toothache

Are you suffering from toothache or a hole in the teeth? Let me walk you through the causes and the perfect home remedy for toothache Toothache usually occurs when the nerve of the tooth is stressed or irritated. However, there are always factors that trigger it, they are gum disease, dental infection, dental decay, injury, […]

6 Smoothie Recipes for Permanent Weight Loss

Do you lose weight but always gaining it back? Today, I will reveal some top smoothies that will help you lose weight and never gain it back. I understand the challenges you might be going through or experienced as a result of you being overweight or trying to slim down. I was once like you […]

How to Care for your Hair in the Summer


Summer comes with lots of outdoor activities that expose your hair to heat and dryness. When you come back from the sun, you probably want to head to the pool or shower to cool off which further puts stress on your tresses. We come bearing good news for your hair so that summer or not, […]