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How to Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

by Karrisa Rivera


The bane of many women is finding the right bra that will be comfortable while at the same time giving the right support, fit and shape. 

This challenge becomes magnified when we are talking about sports bras. Obviously, sports involve a lot of movement, including running and jumping. It is unhealthy and uncomfortable performing these activities without the right sports bra.

Let’s be frank, how many women know how to choose the perfect sports bra for themselves? 

We know that is not an easy task. You need assistance, direction, and experience; otherwise, you will go years on end using the wrong bra for your sporting activities which can be detrimental to your health.

With a sports bra, it is not enough to get the right band and cup size. You need a bra that will keep your cherries in place without side or vertical swings while you exercise.

Types of Sports Bras

Sports bra gives low, medium, or high impact support. Your choice of sports bra should be dependent on the type of sports you do and of course, your breast size.

  • The Low-Impact Sports Bra

If your sports revolve around low-impact activities like yoga, stationary cycling, or walking, then you should go for light-support sports bras. 

These sports do not require much movement and do not have much direct forceful impact on the body. The light-support bras will work well in these situations, especially if your boobs are small-sized.

The light-support bra is designed to compress and restrict the movement of boobs within the bra. Oftentimes, they have no bra cups, but they provide a tight fit.

  • The Medium impact Sports Bras

Exercises, such as power walking or hiking, are regarded as medium-impact exercises. These sports involve more movement of the body, including the breasts. 

Therefore, it is better to go for the medium-support bras that will offer minimal compression and multi-directional support to the boobs.

That way, the bra will comfortably keep the cherries in place. So, if you’ve got a moderate cup size with low-impact sports, the medium support bra should be a good choice. 

Furthermore, if you have a small cup size involved in medium-impact sports, this should be a good option for you. 

  • High-Impact Sports Bra

Of course, Runners need high-impact bras because the breasts swing and bounce in all directions as they run. As a result of that, they need a good sports bra that can hold the breasts in place perfectly. 

The bra should be able to reduce movement from all directions to the barest minimum. This will remove pains and any discomfort that the bouncing movement could cause, making your exercise more fruitful and enjoyable. 

High-support sports bras are built with unique supportive cups for each breast, making them suitable for large boobs and high-impact sports. 

If you are well-endowed with boobs, you may want to stick with medium or high-support bras, even when you are only engaged in low or medium-impact sports.

3 Tips to Help you Choose the Right Sports Bra

The major points of support for your sports bra should hinge on the cups, the band, and the strap. If you get these three parts right, then you have your perfect sports bra in no time.

So how do you know if these three parts are a perfect fit when you are buying a bra? 

Do you test your bras in the dressing room before buying? Or do you just find fine colors and sizes, then go home happy with your purchase? 

Note that you need to go into the dressing room and check out the fit and support of the bra before you make the purchase

  • The Straps Matter 

When you have found the perfect sports bra based on the type of bra (high, medium, or low impact sports bra), the next decision will be the straps. 

Go for sports bras with adjustable straps. Pullover bras are fine and cover up the back nicely, but when the straps come loose, the support diminishes. 

So, you are better off with sports bras that have adjustable straps that you can adjust to suit you.

If you must buy sports bras with non-adjustable straps, make sure to test their elasticity. Hold the top of the strap and the center of its cup and pull.

If the front strap is not too stretchy, then they can better control movement. The straps should fit perfectly when you wear the bra, not pinching the skin or too loose on your body.

  • The Band

The band and the panels are pivotal to good support and perfect fit. The band provides support, while the panels help avoid spillover. 

When you put on a bra for testing in the dressing room, check if the band and panels are perfect for you. 

To determine whether the band and panels are good for you, slide a finger between the band and your breasts, then pull. 

If you cannot get away with less than an inch movement, then it is the right fit. (If the bra has an adjustable band, use the first hook). 

In addition, stretch your hands above your head. If the band moves up while your hand is lifted, you may need a smaller size. The band must fit well enough not to move up when you stretch your hands.

  • Get the Perfect Cups

For sports bras, you need a bra cup that gives you the perfect fit, not bigger, not smaller. 

You wouldn’t want the titties to spill out when you lift weight or bounce unmercifully as you run.

Before you put on the bra, stretch the cup to check how flexible it is. If it is too stretchy, look for another sports bra. 

Also, when you put on the bra, make sure that it covers the entire breast comfortably without any spillages or spaces. If there is space at the corners or top, look for a smaller cup. Nevertheless, if some part of the breast are popping out from the top or sides, look for a bigger cup.


As much as you would want your sports bra to look beautiful, colorful, and stylish, it is important to first consider its functionality. You would want to take your time and find the perfect sports bra – one with the right fit, support, and comfort, without losing your style.


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