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How to Care for your Hair in the Summer


Summer comes with lots of outdoor activities that expose your hair to heat and dryness. When you come back from the sun, you probably want to head to the pool or shower to cool off which further puts stress on your tresses.

We come bearing good news for your hair so that summer or not, your natural hair stays lubricated, moisturized and gorgeous. The news is even better because these best hair care tips are all natural and organic treatment for hair with zero side effects.



  • More oil, less shampoo.

Washing your hair with the usual shampoo and water regularly robs your hair of its vital natural oils. I know you want to feel cool with the hot weather but go easy on the shampoo and pool water. Rinse the hair off with just water and then moisturize the hair with aromatherapy oils. Organic moisturizing is one of the best hair treatment that works well to rejuvenate and moisturize your hair.

  • Use essential oils

Essential oils benefit the hair in various ways. They have the capacity to rehydrate and balance your hair. This aromatherapy oils you can massage into your hair to prevent dryness, keep dandruff away and reduce the sweat and smell in the hair. Essential oils containing mint can sooth your hair which is what your hair needs in the summer heat. Some others like coconut and chamomile oils can soften your hair and increase the shine. Use hare car product that are rich in essential oils

Leave-in conditioner to the rescue

Your hair usually requires leave-in conditioner year round but that need is multiplied during summer. It gives your hair the needed moisture after washing. Some products work well whether you wash the hair or not, just like the organic hair product I mentioned earlier.

  • Less heat.


The weather is already hot; your hair does not need the extra heat from dryers and flat-irons. If you must use the hair dryer, use a dryer with nozzle and reduce the heat! If the heat burns the hair on your skin, it will do same to your hair. After drying, you can just spray organic hair products with aromatherapy oils to hydrate and nurture the hair

Cover the hair

When heading out in the sun, cover your hair with a hat, umbrella or scarf. This will help retain the moisture in the hair and protects the hair from the UV. Direct contact with the sun can cause hair loss and breakage so keep it covered.

  • Dust the hair often

Summer can still leave your hair weak and broken despite your best efforts. You can trim a bit of the hair tips that it looks like dust floating in the air. This will help strengthen the hair. You can use organic hair product to moisturize and keep it glossy and stronger.

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