How to Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

  The bane of many women is finding the right bra that will be comfortable while at the same time giving the right support, fit and shape.  This challenge becomes magnified when we are talking about sports bras. Obviously, sports involve a lot of movement, including running and jumping. It is unhealthy and uncomfortable performing […]

Women: 5 Ways To Be Happier

  As a woman, what do you need to be happy?  Pause, take a minute or two to search your heart. What do you think makes you happy currently? Or what do you think will give you the greatest happiness once you have it? It is all in our heads. Have you ever been in […]

6 Skin Essentials for Summer + How to Protect Your Skin

  Yayy summer is almost here! Hello, sunshine. Now, you can sashay in all those light, colorful and alluring clothes and bask in the warmth of summer.  But there is one little problem – the soaring temperature with its attendant heat and dehydration, the exposure to the sun, and its effects on your beautiful skin. […]

11 Easy and Natural Remedies to Reduce Puffy Eyes Fast

Frankly, puffy eyes have a way of belittling one’s efforts at looking beautiful or presentable.  Imagine excitedly waking up on the morning of your important appointment or date, only to discover that you have those annoying bags under your eyes.  Whether you need to make a strong first impression or just look attractive and healthy, […]