The Incredible Benefits of Aloe Vera For Skin and Hair

Did you know the power embedded in that simple cactus aloe vera plant? Well, it is packed with loads of polyphenols antioxidants, salicylic acid, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. That explains why it has been used over the centuries for various therapeutic purposes inclusind skin care beenfits.   It is not just hype, aloe vera is […]

10 Effective Skincare Routines for Oily Skin

Many people have oily skin, and that is not bad per se. It only becomes a concern when the body produces excess oil that interferes with your beauty and cleanliness. Let’s discuss some effective skincare routines for oily skin. You already know how challenging it is to deal with that shiny face and clogged pores. […]

How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro Artiste

Have you experienced the confidence make up gives when it is worn? There is a feeling of elegance that is attached to make up that enhances our overall appearances.   Why is Makeup Important to a Woman? Aside from boosting confidence, other importance of Makeup are: Cleansing the skin and keeping it protected Sustaining youthfulness […]

7 Unique Ways To Attract Rich and Wealthy Men

Every woman’s dream is to have a rich man as a partner, but the question is; how can you meet and attract a rich man? The answer to this question will help to increase your chances and position yourself in the best way of meeting a rich man. To attract wealthy men is not as […]

5 Effective Hair Loss Treatment For Women Above 40

Did you know that you can still reverse your full and thick hair, regardless of how bad it looks? The worries about losing hair to aging can be frustrating, but the good news is that you can still regrow and even maintain it to make you look younger and more beautiful. What is hair loss? […]

The Perfect Skin Care Routine for 30 and Above

Are you still doing the same skincare routine you did in your 20s? Well, you need to change your routine. This article sheds light on the perfect skincare routine for 30 years old and above Turning 30 comes with a lot of modifications including skin changes, and your skin needs would definitely change. During this […]

10 High-Tech Beauty Gadgets Every Lady Should Have

Foreo Luna Mini Magenta

Great skin isn’t about beauty products, but how we apply them. With the overwhelming pace at which technology is evolving, beauty experts are now over-flooded with beauty tech devices. Beauty tech gadgets have changed how we look at ourselves, from stopping breakouts to giving us clean and smooth skin, brightening our teeth, making our hair […]

How to Tackle Hypothyroidism With Home Remedies


Making changes in your diet at all times is one of the smart ways to tackle diseases, especially hypothyroidism. Many people with this deficiency experience gradual brain fog, and fatigue which further prevents them from having energy derived from caffeine and sugar. Do you have symptoms of hypothyroidism despite attempts in maintaining a balanced diet? […]

5 Most Potent Natural Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks

Have you been looking for home remedies for stretch marks without a suitable result? We understand how it feels.   Stretch marks can be disheartening, standing in front of the mirror in your room, checking out the skin on your butts, thighs and other parts of your body for the latest reddish, pink, or even […]