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14 Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Man + Techie Gifts Ideas

by Karrisa Rivera

 You’d think getting a gift for your man is a walk in the park until it is decision time. 

What will he appreciate? 

What does he need? 

What will reflect his personality and values? 

All these and many other questions run wild in your mind as you try to make the best choice. 

A gift can be perfect, but what makes a gift perfect isn’t really in the gift. It is more in the intention and thoughts behind the gift. Nevertheless, that doesn’t reduce your confusion on the choice of the perfect gift idea. 

Well, consider what he means to you, would you go the romantic route or sexual? And of course, you should consider his personality. Would he rather unwind with a game or hit the gym? Will he take to cooking for his friends or go gardening alone?

Whatever the case, make sure your gift gives him joy and possibly increases his love/respect for you. 

Here are some perfect gift ideas you can consider giving your man for various occasions:

1. Multipurpose Tool Kits

For the do-it-yourself kind of guy, a multipurpose Swiss knife or a toolbox will be a thoughtful gift.

This kind of practical gift will often come in handy for your man. It doesn’t hurt that any time he brings out the tools to use, he will remember you.

2. Sleep Aid Devices

Hello insomniac boyfriend/husband! If you’ve got a man who’s an insomniac, there wouldn’t be a more perfect gift than this. Imagine how much he would appreciate this gift for his birthday or Christmas. Such devices help lull insomniacs to sleep.

3. Kitchen Wares

If he loves to cook, then he’d appreciate a kitchen gadget/utensil. You can get him that barbecue grill he admired in his friend’s house, or that pasta maker he mentioned once. Of course, the choice depends on your budget and his needs. You can go for blenders, coffee makers, etc.

4. Sex Toys

A sex toy is a good choice of gifts for your man. You can choose from a variety of suitable sex toys based on his sexual preferences and needs.

5. Music Gadget

If he is a music freak, you can get him any of the modern music gadgets, from noise-canceling wireless earbuds to music boxes, something that will allow him to enjoy his music on the go.

6. Sneakers

Take note of that sneaker he was ogling at the mall the other day and surprise him with it on his special day. If you don’t know the one he likes, get him a comfortable one in his favorite color.

7. Customized Briefs or T-shirts

Some guys don’t like it when their women gift them boxers. 

But you can take it a notch higher by customizing the briefs. You can have his name on it or the names of both of you or a short romantic line. It will make all the difference.

You can also do the same with a T-shirt, Jersey, or even a shirt. Make your gift for him unique and personal.

8. Bag

Is he always on the move? Traveling all over the country for work or business… You can get him a beautiful, stylish bag that he can travel with. It must not be a big bag; toiletry bag, hold all, laptop bag, etc. Just be thoughtful about it, let it be something that will be useful to him.

9. Wristwatch

Many guys are wristwatch freaks, like, they can’t get enough of it. If your man is one of such, you can add a unique one to his collection, maybe with some meaningful letters or icons inscribed behind it.

If he’s not a wristwatch freak but wears only one wristwatch year in and year out, you can gift him a classy wristwatch, maybe one he can wear to high-class ceremonies.

10. Beard Trimmers/Clippers

Is his clipper bad? Does he need the latest trimmers? Show him how thoughtful and caring you are with this practical gift. This is something he will need on a regular basis.

11. Eye Mask with Bluetooth Headphones 

If globe-trotting is an inevitable part of his life, and yet he is never comfortable flying, he will love you eternally for this gift. Eye mask with Bluetooth headphones is most suitable for people who get anxious every time they are flying or those with an outright phobia of flying. The gadget blocks out the sights and sounds of the airplane environment, making it easier for the user to relax and even sleep through the flight.

12. An All-Expense-Paid Trip

This is a wonderful gift for a busy boyfriend/husband who hardly goes on vacation… If you can afford it. Book him up for a perfect vacation experience in one of those exotic locations he’s been planning to visit for ages. You can organize the vacation for the two of you. This will make for a perfect anniversary or Christmas gift.

For Tech Bros 🙂 

13. AirTag | Wireless Mouse and Keyboard | Smart Mug

 If you are dating a techie, chances are that sometimes he gets too busy and preoccupied with so many things. Therefore, you should consider getting him a smart mug that will help keep his coffee warm. You can also buy him a wireless mouse or keyboard he can use in case he wants to step out with just his iPad. 

Another sensitive gift is the Apple AirTag. If he is often careless with his stuff, this device can help him track his keys and other such belongings.

Also, if he ain’t using an ergonomic seat yet, consider getting him one since he spends most of his time sitting behind his computers. 

14. Sunglasses

Say goodbye to direct rays of the sun into your eyes, and say hi to a classy hunk. Every guy needs sunglasses, some of them just don’t know it. If your man doesn’t have enough, add one more to his collection and if he is yet to buy his first, then gift him one. 

In a Nutshell 

The list of thoughtful gifts you can give your man is endless. However, you need to consider what he likes, his favorite color, and your budget before you can arrive at the right choice. Other simple gifts like perfumes, towels, stockings, and books are also perfect. You can even mix them up for more impact. Whatever you decide on, make it count.

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