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11 Easy and Natural Remedies to Reduce Puffy Eyes Fast


Frankly, puffy eyes have a way of belittling one’s efforts at looking beautiful or presentable. 

Imagine excitedly waking up on the morning of your important appointment or date, only to discover that you have those annoying bags under your eyes. 

Whether you need to make a strong first impression or just look attractive and healthy, no one wants to go around with bags under the eyes.

Dealing with puffy eyes is not rocket science. 

Read on to learn some easy and natural remedies that will help you reduce puffy eyes fast. 

Knowing the root cause of those dreadful bags will make the remedies more effective.

Genetics and aging are among the causes of puffy eyes. Unfortunately, one has little or no control over these factors, except to manage them as much as you can. 

Aside from that, other factors contribute to puffy eyes such as: 

• Smoking 

• Excess consumption of salt 

• Lack of adequate sleep

• Stress

• Allergy

• Certain health conditions

• Exposure to the sun

To get rid of eye bags, the first line of action is to have some simple lifestyle changes that can counter the above factors. 

For starters, you should try the following:

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking adversely affects almost every aspect of your life, including your eyes and skin. Smoking leaves your eyes puffy, and your skin looking prematurely wrinkled and dull. 

To reduce puffy eyes, stop smoking. It may not be easy, but it is not impossible.

2. Reduce the Quantity of Salt you take 

Salt contributes to puffy eyes when taken in excess. 

It encourages water retention which reflects as under-eye bags on the face. 

Most of the processed foods we consume contain lots of salt. So you may want to cut down the consumption of such meals. 

3. Enjoy your beauty sleep

You may have noticed that when you consistently fail to get enough sleep for some days, those bags will materialize under your eyes. 

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of sleep. You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Poor sleep adversely affects water balance in the body which can result in under the eye bags.

If you are having problems sleeping properly, change your sleep routine and make it as regular as clockwork. No screen, alcohol, or caffeine before bedtime.

4. Reduce Stress

There are a thousand and one things you need to do within the 24 hours in a day. However, you need to take things easy. Pamper yourself so that you can live longer, healthier, and with no bags under the eyes.

5. Be Careful to your Food Intolerances. 

Sometimes, allergies may appear as puffy eyes. Consciously monitor the food you eat, especially the common allergenic foods such as milk, peanuts, different kinds of seafood, and soy. Remove the culprits from your diet once you establish that they are behind the puffy eyes. This simple trick could be the solution to your puffy eyes.

6. Go for Treatment/Checkup. 

If your wrinkle is caused by an underlying health condition like thyroid disease, you need to see your doctor for proper treatment. Also, follow up with regular check-ups. 

Apart from the remedies discussed above, let us look at other natural remedies to reduce puffy eyes fast.


7. Cold Compress

This is your number one go-to solution for puffy eyes. A cold compress helps to reduce the fluids that accumulate under your eyes which is the bane of puffy eyes. A cold compress will squash the expanded blood vessels below your eyes.

How should I use a cold compress to reduce puffy eyes? 

Wrap an ice pack with a cloth and place it on your eyes for 15 minutes. You can also use a wet, cold washcloth but you need to keep the cloth cold for the duration of the routine.

8. Use Cucumber 

Most of us already know that cucumber is an integral part of beauty care. In the same vein, it also works perfectly to reduce puffy eyes. Cucumber contains botanical antioxidants which can reduce inflammation. This, along with the super hydrating power of cucumber makes it a perfect choice for the removal of those ugly bags under the eyes.

For best results, lay down or tilt back, then place thin slices of refrigerated cucumber over your puffy eyes for at least 15 minutes. This will drastically diminish the puffy eyes.

9. Cold Spoons

Yes, cold spoons can help reduce the puffy eyes. Sound weird? Well, maybe but all we want is to achieve the best results without any side effects, yea? So how does this work? Simple. 

Place two metal spoons in y our fridge, allow them to get real cold, then place the rounded part over your eyes. Keep in place until the spoons lose their coldness. 

Remove and check out the result for yourself. 

10. Egg White 

The astringent properties contained in egg white make it a source for tightening the skin, including the skin around the eyes. 

So if you have puffy eyes, separate the egg white from two eggs. Beat the egg white thoroughly, then massage gently onto the skin under your eyes. Leave the mask there for about 20 minutes after it must have dried up. After that, wash off the mask with cold water. Now look in the mirror and see the difference. 

11. Eat Foods Rich in Iron 

Consistent dark circles under the eyes may cause a deficiency in iron. When your body does not have enough iron, it can prevent the blood from transporting enough oxygen to the eye tissues. This becomes evident through puffy eyes.

To solve this, discuss it with your doctor to ascertain your iron level. He/she can recommend the right iron supplements for you. 

In addition, always eat foods that are rich in iron, including green leafy vegetables, cereals, seafood, fruits, pork, and poultry.

You may repeat these easy and natural remedies if the puffy eyes do not disappear after one use. However, if it persists, please seek professional care.

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